Unity is a way of life based upon the bible and the teachings of Jesus the Christ. Unity stresses the applicability of all that He taught, said, and did within the framework of today.

We believe that you can find fulfillment in Unity if you are looking for a teaching that:

1. Offers an approach that is scientifically sound, psychologically healthy, intellectually challenging and spiritually satisfying.

2. Gives you freedom to grow spiritually at your own pace and to evolve your own working philosophy of ideas and beliefs.

3. Has no creed requirements; never asks you to profess something you may not believe.

4. Does not impose any financial burden on its adherents; is supported by free will offerings and looks upon tithing and other forms of giving as the joyous response of a generous spirit-filled soul.

5. Sees religion as an open-ended search for Truth rather than as a closed system.

6. Offers more than a once-a-week religion; gives you positive ideas to think on and to apply in your daily living seven days a week.

7. Feels it has no exclusive right to, or "corner" on Truth.

8. Emphasizes the spiritual unity of all churches, faiths, and people in Truth.

9. Welcomes, in dignity and love, people of all races, religion, social backgrounds, lifestyles, and economic levels.

10. Proclaims the divinity of the Christ as expressed through Jesus, but goes further and assures that you, like Him, possess this same Christ potential.

11. Declares that as a child of God you inherit God's infinite possibilities for good.

12. Teaches that no negative condition of mind, body, or affairs is incurable.

13. Teaches that God is the source of all good.

14. Sees prayer not as a means of changing God, but rather as a tool that expands and transforms your mind - thus changing you.

15. Assures you that you can commune with God directly without intercessor or intermediary.

16. Affirms God's will is absolute good for everyone.

17. Believes in the indwelling Spirit of the Christ within everyone.

18. Describes heaven or the "kingdom" as a state of consciousness which can be experienced wherever we find ourselves, rather than a place we dwell in a static eternity.

19. Teaches the reality of life and accepts that individuals may experience many life opportunities in the journey to conscious oneness with God.

20. Teaches that each is on a path of unfoldment with the ability to "speak the word" for healing, joy, and supply, and give thanks for the outer help of humankind as directed by God in prayer.