Reverend Nancy Saputro is an ordained Unity Minister. She has served Unity Ministries for nearly thirty years as a Speaker, Teacher, Youth Education Director, Prayer Room Associate and Spiritual Counsellor.
Rev. Nancy has founded two churches in Florida and is currently serving Unity Community Church in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.
Since graduation from Unity School for Religious Studies Ministerial Education Program and ordination by the Association of Unity Churches she has obtained a Masters degree in Christian Counselling and a PhD in Christian Education.
Her passion is to assist others in discovering "the Christ within" and to live wholesome and abundant lives. As a spiritual coach and teacher she encourages individuals to remember that the purpose for living is to love, to live peacefully, and to experience a life of prosperity.


"A Divine Idea whose time has come".

Our ministry provides a gathering place where people can come together to experience their divinity through:
Sunday services of spiritual celebration
Classes of metaphysical study
Prayer, meditation, spiritual coaching
Social gatherings.

Unity Community Church is based on Unity Teaching

UNITY: A positive and practical set of beliefs. We metaphysically articulate the teachings of Jesus Christ, as interpreted by co-founders Charles and Myrtle Fillmore.


God is absolute good, everywhere present.

Human beings have a spark of divinity in them, the Christ Spirit within. Their very essence is of God, and therefore, they are inherently good. Human beings create their experiences by the activity of their thinking. Everything in the manifest realm has its beginning in thought.

Prayer is creative thinking that heightens the connection with God-mind and therefore, brings forth wisdom, healing, prosperity, and everything good.

Knowing and understanding the laws of life, also called truth, are not enough. A person must also live the truth that he or she knows.